ProStart Educators

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On behalf of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) and the Hawaii Restaurant Association Education Foundation, it is our pleasure to introduce you to the ProStart® program. When you join the ProStart program, you are joining a network of more than 95,000 students in 1,900 high schools across 48 states, Guam, and U.S. military bases.

This is an exciting time to be a part of the restaurant and foodservice industry – in the next decade, the industry is predicted to need an additional 2 million employees! The industry is relying on programs such as ProStart to help prepare students to take leadership roles as they move into the industry. We thank you for helping ignite your students’ passion for the restaurant industry and introducing them to the wonderful opportunities that lie in their future.

Over the past decade, ProStart has been successful because it is a true program, offering many resources for you and your students. These resources range from professional development opportunities to scholarships to marketing materials. The Hawaii ProStart is an initiative developed by the HRAEF that incorporates:

  • culinary and restaurant management curriculum (FS Prep),FSprep
  • teacher excellence, industry support,
  • state of the art facilities,
  • and student achievement


HRA members have the opportunity to create a lasting impact on a student while contributing to the future of Texas foodservice industry as a mentor.

Mentors help students make the connection between classroom learning and job performance. They provide support for student goals, career competence and character development by acting as a teacher, supervisor, coach, counselor and role model. Mentors help create a high-quality labor pool and develop our industry's future leaders.

The Hawasii ProStart mentor program is very flexible, there is no set schedule. You choose the school where you would like to mentor. 

Hawaii ProStart educators come from a variety of backgrounds, some are family & consumer sciences instructors and others are chefs who transitioned from industry to the classroom. They all see first-hand the positive impact Hawaii ProStart has and understand the importance of introducing their students to real-world, industry-based experiences.

Any time you can volunteer as a mentor is most appreciated. Customize your commitment to fit your interests, availability and expertise!

  • Visit your local school regularly to build relationships with students and instructors
  • Support culinary and management teams preparing for the Hawaii ProStart Invitational competition
  • Attend school advisory board meetings
  • Assist instructors by presenting in the classroom, sharing real-world experience and information
  • Help coordinate industry-related field trips
  • Assist with classroom needs such as product and equipment
  • Consider hiring Hawaii ProStart students for part-time, seasonal or event/catering work
  • Provide internship opportunities