Hawaii Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

HRA Educational Foundation

The Hawaii Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (HRAEF) was established to enhance the restaurant and hospitality industry in Hawaii through service to the public through educational programs, industry engagement and promotion of the industry to future generations. The HRAEF supports the hospitality industry in Hawaii through educational programs that educate and inspire current and future hospitality industry workers and supports the philanthropic missions of the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and the Hawaii Restaurant Association (HRA).

The HRAEF administers all aspects of the national ProStart Program in Hawaii, a two-year national program that helps inspire and give direction to thousands of students every year in every state in the union. The HRAEF was incorporated on May 2016 as a Hawaii nonprofit corporation and serves as a supporting organization of the HRA. HRA is a state association, affiliated with National Restaurant Association whose purpose is to advance and protect the restaurant and foodservice industry and grow the number of foodservice leaders on a national level. The HRAEF also administers the ProStart Program within the state of Hawaii which provides high school level culinary and management training created by the NRAEF and industry leaders to support and perpetuate the industry profession.

HRAEF is different from HRA in the sense that HRA represents food service related segments, and HRAEF serves as the means to acquire funding to promote the Pro Start program, scholarships, internships, mentorships, and events surround such. HRAEF’s initial funding was made possible through a loan from the HRA and HRAEF will be the entity that allows funding for the educational programs. HRAEF has received 501(c)(3) IRS nonprofit status as of May 2018.

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